lunes, 8 de marzo de 2021

8th MARCH POSTERS: "We love you boys/ girls because..."

Here you can see the wonderful posters students have created to celebrate equality and to prove that , although we may be different , we need each other.

Thanks everybody for your work!!

Cristina Martínez - 3rd ESO B

Emilio Ríos - 3rd ESO A

Iris López - 4th ESO B

                                            Javier Martínez - 3rd ESO B

Marina Valle - 3rd ESO B

Marina Valle - 3rd ESO B

Pablo Vázquez - 3rd ESO B
Miguel Cano - 1st BACHILLERATO

Diego Iglesias - 1st  ESO C

Ismael Rodríguez - 3rd ESO B

Laura Novas - 4º ESO B

Mateo Cano - 4th ESO B

Irene Fernández - 2nd Bachillerato

Miguel Seoane - 4th ESO B

Sergio García - 2nd ESO A

Sabela Bermúdez - 2nd ESO A

Patricia Fernández -2nd Bachillerato

Iván Fernández - 4th ESO B

Estela Boto - 2nd Bachillerato

Laura Amador - 2nd Bachillerato

Aitor Zarauza - 2ºESO B

Carlos Heres - 2nd ESO B

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