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You all know that this school year we cannot do any out-of-school activities, due to the sanitary situation. However, to try to have some kind of normality within this completely weird life we have now, the school decided to carry out out-of-school activities inside the school in different months. April was the month to work with HEALTH and SPORT. The English Department thought that we could not evade the terrible health problem we are living, but we wanted to work with it in a positive was. That was the origin of the "We are stronger, COVID-19" activity.

All groups worked with a really funny song an English family recorded during the third lockdown in England. The Marsh family spent lots of time together to write new lyrics for the song "Total eclipse of the heart", by Bonnie Tyler. The title became "Totally fixed where we are". The result is hilarious and perfectly describes all the mess a lockdown implies for a family. Then they recorded it. The first thing that surprises everybody is the quality of their singing: they have such beautiful voices!! This shows that what could be a terrible period (we all know what a lockdown is), gave way to something just amazing. 

Then it was your turn to reflect on the pandemic and see what positive things it has brought to your lives. We used needles/syringes for you to write your ideas. They represent the different vaccines that will put an end to this virus. 

Among the messages you wrote, we found out that most of you value positively to have spent losts of quality time with your families, that the lockdown allowed you to know yourselves better, take up new hobbies (cooking, baking, doing exercise...), value the really important things in life... Many students also acknowledged that they could pass the subjects easily and that not coming to school was a nice change 😉!

Here you have the interactive image we have created with the most interesting messages. Just click on the syringes to read them.

Thank you all for your excellent work on this activity. Hope you enjoyed it!! 

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